Barcode Software: Comply With New Food Labeling Requirements

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Barcode Software: Comply With New Food Labeling Requirements

VantageID Barcode solutions help suppliers comply with three significant labeling initiatives

There are three food manufacturing initiatives making headlines in the labeling industry and each will affect the way suppliers create labels: the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), the Food Information for Consumers regulation (FIC) and new proposed FDA changes to Nutrition Facts labels. VantageId clients are able to comply with all three requirements by utilizing barcode labeling software from our strategic partner TEKLYNX.

“TEKLYNX is dedicated to supporting our customers’ changing needs” said Laura Henderson, General Manager of TEKLYNX. “Our products scale with your business and adapt to legislative changes to reduce the risks that non-compliance creates for your business.”

The Produce Traceability Initiative is an industry-wide effort to improve track and trace procedures of the food manufacturing supply chain by enforcing a standardized labeling approach. Walmart, Sam’s Club stores and other major distributors have already announced they will begin rejecting produce shipments with non-compliant PTI labels. However, in a poll conducted by TEKLYNX, fewer than 20% respondents were prepared for the PTI changes even after the compliance deadline had already passed. PTI-compliant label templates use algorithms to calculate “CRC16” for the voice pick code, a unique two to four-digit code that is now included on all compliant produce shipment labels. For assistance with implementing PTI compliant labeling please contact VantageID at your earliest convenience and we will gladly assist you with the process.

The Food Information for Consumers regulation is based on EU Regulation 1169/2011. The change requires proper highlighting of allergens in the ingredients list of all packaging, and indicating which country any unprocessed meat has in its origin. The FIC changes will also impact domestic food business but will be paricularly important to any company exporting products to destinations within the European Union.

“Allergen information isn’t just a matter of convenience for many people, it can be as important on food labels as medical history information can be on healthcare labels” said Christine Blindell of VantageID. “We give these new requirements the same high level of priority that we would assign any public safety initiative and are pleased to be already able to offer all of our clients a simple solution that improves the lives of your allergen affected customers right away.”

Nutrition Facts labels in the United States announced by the FDA and first lady Michelle Obama in 2014 include visual changes to emphasize total calories, sugars and nutrients. Serving size must also be updated to reflect “realistic eating habits” and while the FDA has stated it intended to allow a two year grace period for manufacturers, VantageID is pleased to announce than our TEKLYNX customers can already make the necessary updates to their labels immediately.

TEKLYNX International provides software for simple or complex food labeling with popular products available from including LABEL MATRIX, LABELVIEW and CODESOFT. Already used by more than 600,000 companies in 120 countries, TEKLYNX is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Gold Partner, and has connectivity relationships with multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software providers including Oracle and SAP. While TEKLYNX is headquartered in France, they have offices globally and VantageID is a premier distributor of TEKLYNX products here in The United States.