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Chemical Icon Chemicals/GHS


Fundamental to new GHS labeling standards is the requirement that the affixed labels must be durable and last as long as the product on which they are displayed. This applies just as much to industrial chemical drum labels that are subject to harsh environments and contact with solvents of all types as it does to consumer products that contain chemicals deemed as hazardous. Labels that smudge or easily come off a product will not comply with the GHS requirements. Label durability and readability can be achieved by making sure the right combination of label material and ribbon is used for printing a GHS label. IIMAK & Vantage ID make ribbon selection easy to make sure customers are well informed regarding the new GHS regulations, the importance of matching ribbon formulations to label materials for longevity, as well as knowing how IIMAK ribbons are rated for use with specific printer brands.
Recommended Solutions: Wax/Resin Resin

Healthcare Icon Healthcare/UDI


From the lab to the pharmacy to everything within the four walls of a hospital patient bed site, Vantage ID partners with IIMAK to make sure that labeling is done in accordance with caregiver patient safety standards as well as regulatory mandates.  One such mandate is the FDA’s push to have all class 1, class 2, and class 3 medical devices uniquely identified and labeled. Implementation of the FDA’s new UDI regulations has been underway since September 2014 and Vantage ID, through our sister company UDI Compliance Solutions, is well positioned to make sure medical device manufacturers can successfully navigate and comply with UDI regulations.  When fully implemented, medical device labels will include an identifier that is unique to a specific device and will need to be human and machine-readable over the lifecycle of the device.  This will require that label stock and ribbon formulations be matched accordingly.
Recommended Solutions: Wax/Resin Resin

Logistics Icon Distribution/Logistics


Products stored and moved along the supply chain are exposed to any number of environments, from rough handling to moisture, extreme temperature variations and dust; lots of it. Compliance labels need to be human and machine readable over the product’s lifecycle and shipping & pallet labels need to be legible at all times for efficient, on-time tracking and inventory control.



Recommended Solutions: Wax/Resin Resin Wax

Retail Retail



Labels and tags in a typical retail environment are subject to handling and require ribbons that offer some abrasion resistance so that they continue to look good on a product and can be easily scanned for tracking and inventory control purposes.



Recommended Solutions: Wax Wax/Resin

Produce Icon Produce


Adoption of electronic traceability along the entire supply chain is the mission of the Product Traceability Initiative (PTI). Ribbons with resistance to scratching, smudging and the outdoor elements will be necessary to track fresh fruits and vegetables for safety and efficiency from beginning to end along the supply chain.



Recommended Solutions: Wax Wax/Resin Near Edge

 Outdoors IconOutdoors


Resistance to elements such as rain, snow, UV, solvents and others is vital to successful outdoor labeling. Forestry and lumber, plant stakes, tree tags, chemical drums, compressors, air conditioners and other types of equipment are examples of just a few of the outdoor uses of labels and tags.



Recommended Solutions: Wax/Resin Resin

Durable IconDurable Goods

Durable Goods

Because of the harsh environments in which durable goods and equipment are often located, labels need to be able to withstand extreme changes in climate conditions. Temperatures, substrate type, and exposure conditions are among the criteria that comprise the UL 969 Marking and Labeling Systems Testing Standard, which directly applies to safety labels affixed to many durable products. Labels that comply with this standard are called UL Recognized Component Labels and require that label substrates be matched with specific ribbon formulations to insure lasting label readability.

Recommended Solutions: Wax/Resin Resin

Automotive IconAutomotive


Product quality and safety depend heavily on the ability to identify and track auto parts through labels printed with coded and variable data.  Accurate and on-time inventory control will help improve vehicle maintenance and customer service, while reducing inventory carrying costs.

Recommended Solutions: Resin

Security Icon Flexible Packaging

Flexible PackagingFlexible packaging printing requires ribbons that can transfer inks at high speeds for imprinting date, price, lot and bar codes directly on flexible packaging materials. High speed thermal transfer overprinters (TTO) printers and analog pad printers can be found in many food packaging, healthcare and retail product manufacturing plants.

Recommended Solutions: Near Edge

Flexible IconSecurity/Brand Protection

Security:Brand Protection

UV technology is at the forefront of product authentication and brand protection. The advent of the 2D barcode brought with it the ability to carry private data, which can be concealed in an invisible UV barcode to not only track and identify a product but also to differentiate genuine from counterfeit products. As such, these labels serve as the first layer of defense against unsafe product copies and require ribbons with a special near edge formulation.

UV Ribbon Data Sheet