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Highest quality of security seals in the industry.VantageID partners with Cambridge Security Seals to bring our customers a wide selection of best-in-class tamper evident, tamper resistant, and loss prevention security seals.


The most reliable security seals for loss prevetntion

Why We Recommend CSS Security Seals

Over the past 60 years, CSS seals have earned a reputation for being constructed of the highest quality materials intended to meet the strength and durability requirements for their respective classes.

CSS plastic seals are made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene. Locking mechanisms that are resistant to harsh temperatures are a feature of CSS’ multicomponent seals, providing increased security where it’s needed.

CSS Security Seals For Nearly Every Application

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CSS Seals Are a Staple in the Airline Industry

Other Industries Using CSS Security Seals

Please CONTACT a VantageID security specialist today to see which CSS products can benefit your business.