Extreme Networks Zebra AP 8163 WiNG Enterprise Access Point

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Extreme Networks Zebra AP 8163 WiNG Enterprise Access Point


Built to last and withstand the harshest environments — heat, cold, rain, hail, wind — while delivering strong and reliable network performance and capacity, Extreme Networks’ tri-radio AP 8163 802.11n Mesh Access Point comes loaded with patented ETSI DFS Scan Ahead technology, which means network outages are avoided as channels are changed within milliseconds when radar interference is detected.

  • Outdoor rated IP67 diecast aluminum enclosure.
  • Band-unlocked tri-band design.
  • 3×3 3-spatial stream 3X3 MIMO.
  • Backhaul detection.
  • Extended radio range to more than a mile.
  • MeshConnex™ on both data radios for Mesh network superior uptime and survivability.
  • Patented Scan Ahead technology.
  • Load balancing, pre-emptive roaming and rate scaling.
  • Advanced Extreme WiNG 5 operating system.

Please scroll down for additional information about Extreme Networks’ AP 8163 Extreme WiNG Enterprise WLAN Manager or CONTACT a VantageID wireless specialist to learn more about which WLAN application fits your needs.

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AP 8163 WiNG Enterprise Access Point

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