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Zebra P4T Mobile Printer


Zebra’s P4T powerhouse mobile printer makes it possible to print long life durable barcode labels in the field. The easy-to-carry P4T can print labels and documents up to four inches wide. This printer comes with advanced wireless connectivity options and includes a direct thermal printing mode. The P4T will give you increased accuracy, productivity and time savings.


  • Advanced technology for ease of use and productivity.
  • Advanced wireless: Bluetooth® 2.0, secure 802.11b/g, or both; Serial/USB
  • Smart operation—battery monitoring and auto-adjusting ribbon cartridge.
  • Rugged for outdoor use
    • IP14 water-resistance rating;
    • IP54 dust- and water-resistance with soft case;
    • Tolerant to multiple drops up to 5’ to concrete
  • Fast, easy media and ribbon loading.
  • Comfortable to wear and hold.

Industries: Manufacturing and warehousing • Transportation & logistics • Government
Uses: Receiving—inventory labeling • Shipping—apply labels to items as they’re picked,
even from a forklift • Work-in-process labeling—for harsh production environments • Lifetime product tracking for recall management and security authentication • Asset management • Producing shipping labels where mobility is valued • Cross-docking • Container labeling • Evidence labels right at the point of collection • Crime evidence barcode labels with archival longevity for accurate chain of custody • Long-lasting synthetic labels that withstand harsh military environments to identify and track equipment and supplies.

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Zebra P4T Rugged Mobile Printer

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