TC8000 Zebra Revolutionary Mobile Computer

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The Zebra TC8000 is next-generation mobile computing for today's harsh environment demands.

TC8000 Zebra Revolutionary Mobile Computer

Zebra’s TC8000 mobile computer saves an hour per worker, per shift. Rugged for indistrial environments but lighter, faster, and more ergonomically designed.

Product Description


The innovative Zebra TC8000 mobile computer is game-changing.  It’s lighter, faster, and designed ergonomically to save an hour per worker, per shift


  • Increases productivity the warehouse and manufacturing facility.
  • Unique scan angle allows workers to work 3 times faster with less fatigue.
  • Hands-free proximity scanner is an industry first for a handheld scanner.
  • Easily change “green screens” into modern, graphics-based all-touch.  No need for IT to modify back-end systems.
  • Capture multiple bar codes and entire forms with a single scan.
  • Triple-shift battery power.
  • Rugged, industrial, 2,000 tumbles, 8ft drop, extreme temperature swings, sealed against dust and jetting water.
  • Enterprise-class Android KitKat.




See how Zebra’s TC8000 can boost productivity in your warehouse.

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Specifications Sheet

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