Extreme WiNG Enterprise Network

The demands that 802.11ac devices place on network resources are no challenge for Extreme WiNG’s Enterprise Network distributed architecture design. Extreme WiNG Enterprise is able to deliver immediate, full controller-level intelligence to each new access point while ensuring uninterrupted functionality with fast, reliable connections for more network users. By eliminating the need for local hardware controllers, Extreme WiNG 5 distributed intelligence makes new client deployment easy and more affordable.

Zebra Scaleability Image
Whether your network is comprised of a single access point, an onsite network of multiple access points, or a cloud-based network of multiple sites and thousands of access points, network intelligence is distributed to every access point, each using the same Extreme WiNG 5 software features, and all conveniently managed through a single pane of glass for convenient, cost-effective and efficient control.



Extreme WiNG Enterprise Network Unique Features 

  • Smart Load Balance – each access point and service platform is equipped with the intelligence to operate independently.
  • Roam Assist – detects and manages sticky clients on the network so each radio can deliver the best performance to each client it serves.
  • Smart RF – includes radio frequencies and power to provide the highest levels of coverage and reliable device connectivity while mitigating any RF interference in your range.

More About Extreme WiNG 5 OS

  Featured Extreme WiNG Enterprise Products

                   AP 7502                                           AP 7522                                             AP 7532 

Zebra AP 7502E  Zebra AP7522E     Zebra AP 7532

                   AP 8163                                         AP 8222                                              AP 8232

       Zebra AP 8163 Zebra AP8222Zebra AP 8232

                                        NX 5500                                                           NX 7500

Zebra NX 5500E Angeled                                                                              Zebra NX7510E


                                  NX 6500                                                                 NX 9600

Zebra NX 6500      Zebra NX 9600

                        EX 3548/3524                                                                VX 9000

Zebra EX 3548:3524

               Zebra VX 9000E