Extreme WiNG Express Small Business Network

With Extreme WiNG Express leveraging many of the same robust features as Extreme WiNG Enterprise — SmartRF, Smart Load Balancing, and RoamAssist — coupled with ability to use surprisingly affordable enterprise-grade access points, your business doesn’t need to be huge or your pockets deep for you to enjoy big-time performance from your wireless network.  The Extreme WiNG Express  graphical interface is intuitive and easy-to-grasp, enabling  you to monitor and manage every aspect of your wireless network on easy-to-understand screens. Whether you are the owner of a single retail store, a warehouse or production line manager of a small manufacturing plant, or a bedside caregiver, Extreme WiNG Express offers dependable and secure performance around the clock.

Zebra Wing Express Photo
Top 5 Benefits of Extreme WiNG Express

  • Real enterprise-class wireless network performance for organizations with 1 to 1,024 access points.
  • A robust enterprise-class WLAN that is deployable in minutes.
  • Scalability to support new business needs and a growing workforce.
  • Powerful analytics for WLAN network management.
  • Uncompromising enterprise-class functionality at a price point for small-to mid-sized businesses.

Extreme WiNG Express Brochure

Featured Extreme WiNG Express Products

                                   AP 7502E                                                               AP 7522E                                         

             Zebra AP 7502E                   Zebra AP7522E

                                          NX 5500E                                                    NX 7510E
Zebra NX 5500E AngeledZebra NX7510E                                         

                       VX 9000E

                               Zebra VX 9000E