Iimak LogoVantage ID and IIMAK, a global leader in the manufacturing and development of printing, imaging, and marking consumable supplies, first shook hands over 20 years ago and we’re thrilled to say that that our strategic partnership is as strong as ever! There’s so much more to surpassing our Made in USA Logo_ecustomers’ expectations than just sourcing the best ribbon products and pricing them competitively.  We need vendor-partners that consistently stay ahead of the game by developing the absolute best products for meeting the demands of a changing marketplace driven by safety-centric, regulatory mandates that address how products are to be labeled and tracked. IIMAK has been that partner!

Ribbon PhotoRibbons are formulated with different inks and ink combinations, each of which is better suited for one application over another.  As an authorized reseller, Vantage ID carries a vast selection of IIMAK ribbons.

Click on a button below to view some of the more popular ribbon formulations we offer and to read about Clean Start®, IIMAK’s patented, built-in printhead cleaner.

Resin        Clean Start        Wax/Resin

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TTR GraphicThermal transfer technology is a simple process whereby a ribbon and substrate are combined to work as a printing system where printhead heat causes ribbon ink to melt onto a receiver/substrate. The process requires little maintenance, is reliable, and can be used in a diverse array of on-demand printing applications.