We’ve inked a new color printer deal with Epson!!

Vantage ID Applications has historically forged long-term partnerships with industry players whose product offerings bring a tremendous amount of value to the comprehensive AIDC solutions already offered by Vantage ID. For this reason Vantage ID is proud to announce that it has joined a select group of companies that comprise the Epson Envision Partner Program.

Zebra Product Finder Helps You Decide Which Product Fits Your Labeling Goals Best

Clients frequently ask questions about the specific dimensions of the wide array of label and device types offered by Zebra, and now there is a new Zebra Product Finder tool to assist you in finding exactly the right item every time. Just enter the basic facts about the media you have in mind or device you want to handle your designs and in a few clicks the product finder will give you a simple list of excellent options. Then contact us or call (866) 234-8468 for the best price on the items you need to succeed right now.

Video Guide To The Summit of Success

TEKLYNX is setting the standard by offering a suite of quality products to fit your business trajectory in a modular way, where you can add features as you grow toward the summit of success. This new video guide does a terrific job of explaining their view of the marketplace, and many of the reasons VantageID clients succeed with TEKLYNX labeling products or services supporting your own efforts.

Sergio Limon of VantageID At The Chula Vista Community Fun Run

We want to congratulate our own Sergio Limon for his part in the local Chula Vista Community Fun Run over the weekend. The course is five kilometers spread out through the training center areas. Runners, walkers, dogs, families and strollers will weave through the multiple sport venues at the training facility and share a fantastic afternoon in gorgeous surroundings.

Barcode Software: Comply With New Food Labeling Requirements

There are three food manufacturing initiatives making headlines in the labeling industry and each will affect the way suppliers create labels: the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI), the Food Information for Consumers regulation (FIC) and new proposed FDA changes to Nutrition Facts labels. VantageId clients are able to comply with all three requirements by utilizing barcode labeling software from our strategic partner TEKLYNX.