Offsetting the Financial Impact of New Minimum Wage and Sick Leave Laws


Zebra Multimodal Picking ImageHigher minimum wage and sick leave mandates are driving companies to offset increases in direct labor costs through technology.  VantageID can help you implement and leverage new mobility solutions designed to reduce effective hourly costs by increasing worker productivity in manufacturing, warehouse, logistics, and distribution center environments.

Yes, you’ll pay your valued employees more but, at the same time, you will enable them to produce more, thus reducing net hourly labor costs.

Through our strong partnerships with manufacturers who are revolutionizing workplace mobility, VantageID offers leading-edge solutions from:

  • Zebra’s breakthrough TC8000 Mobile Computer that can add an hour of productivity per worker per shift: to
  • Zebra Wearable Mobile Computers, that boost productivity to new levels through entirely hands-free mobility; to
  • TEKLYNX’ enterprise label design and printing solutions that enable you to centralize the management of your label printing processes and distribute label printing tasks to printers throughout your network; to
  • NewCastle Systems’ Mobile Workplace and Portable Power Systems that put your workers and their workstations where and when they’re needed; to
  • Zebra’s Wireless LAN Solutions that provide a fast, safe, and efficient network environment, and bring you enhanced visibility into the location, motion and state of enterprise assets, people and transactions.

VantageID is a San Diego certified small business and soon to be certified minority and woman owned business.  Effective July 11, 2016 the City of San Diego increased the minimum wage to $10.50 per hour and will increase again to $11.50 on January 1, 2017.

In San Diego, the increased labor costs are here now.  If your company is somewhere else, wage increases and sick leave mandates are coming soon.

Contact us today.  One of our experienced team members will contact you for a complementary review for your unique organization.