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A $4.6 billion global tech leader, Zebra’s products, software, services, and analytics are used to intelligently connect people, assets and data.

Best known for their nearly indestructible barcode printers, Zebra continues to innovate. Zebra offers revolutionary products designed to increase productivity: printers, mobile computers, rugged tablets, scanners, and quality supplies.

Why Zebra & Vantage ID

While Zebra has more than 10,000 partners, Vantage ID is proud to be one of only 11 Advanced RFID Specialists, 40 Premier Partners, and 40 Advanced Supplies Specialists in North America. These rankings give you access to premium technical resources, exclusive products, and top tier pricing.

Unlike most Zebra resellers that simply sell a box, Vantage ID is supported by a dedicated Zebra team. Our certified Zebra repair specialists often beta test new products in our print lab. After selling our San Diego label manufacturing plant to Zebra, we maintain an unparalleled reputation for supplies expertise.

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More than 750,000 companies in over 170 countries trust TEKLYNX integrated barcode and RFID label design products and the people behind its solutions to make barcode labeling operations efficient, accurate, secure and industry compliant.

TEKLYNX solutions grow with you, from simple text-based barcodes to complex label management with global standardization, regulations, and sophisticated integrations.

Why TEKLYNX & Vantage ID

With our TEKLYNX top 15 partner status, you get access to our better pricing tiers and advanced features for ERP integration, automation, and document control. Plus, Vantage ID offers a holistic view – we have experience with every component of a labeling ecosystem.

Vantage ID enhances TEKLYNX award winning support with customized services like data migration, label setup, and more. Together with our dedicated TEKLYNX team, we’ve helped a wide range of companies integrate and automate. Whether you are a large company with disparate systems or a start-up in a highly regulated industry, or anywhere in-between, we can help you Barcode Better™.

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Newcastle Systems helps you dramatically improve employee and facility productivity without major changes to infrastructure, software, or processes. Replace stationary workstations with mobile, lithium battery powered workstations, designed for industrial environments.

ROI in 4-6 Months. 75% in overtime reduction. 63% increase in receiving volume. Label errors reduced by 90%. $7,500+ lower costs per operator. 30% increase in picking rates.

Why Newcastle & Vantage ID

When we tested Newcastle’s lithium portable powered workstations designed for industrial environments, we knew it would be a game changer. Power all the devices we offer on your workstation – industrial printer, scanner, tablet, laptop. It outlasts all competitors for cycles and durability, for 8+ hours at a time.

Vantage ID has the experience to know when only an industrial level device will work. Newcastle gives us the reliable power to mobilize that industrial workstation, easily. And, we like how Newcastle quantifies results. Use cases are endless – come see it live in our warehouse!