Extreme Networks Zebra NX 5500E Express WiNG Express WLAN Manager

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Extreme Networks Zebra NX 5500E Express WiNG Express WLAN Manager


Your business doesn’t need to be super-sized in order to be able to enjoy super cost-effective, high-performance wireless networking throughout your organization. Extreme Networks’ NX 5500E Extreme WiNG Express WLAN Manager is designed, engineered and priced for small to mid-sized companies, delivering best-in-class WLAN voice and data connectivity for maximum productivity without the need of a dedicated IT team to mange your network.

  • Zero-Touch deployment  gets your network up and running in minutes.
  • No need to understand advanced configuration options to get your network up and running.
  • Easy site setup and intuitive auto-provisioning policy allow easy multi-site deployments.
  • Just power up your access points to automatically discover and provision them with the predefined configurations.
  • WiNG Express lets you start with one access point and grow as your business needs grow.
  • Flexible architecture allows you to easily expand your network to support more users and more applications.
  • Supports multiple sites.
  • If your business requires more than 25 Express access points, add NX 5500E Extreme WiNG Express Manager to easily manage up to 512 Express access points in all of your sites.
  • Extreme WiNG Express makes it easy to monitor and manage every aspect of your enterprise-class wireless network.

Please scroll down for additional information about Extreme Networks’ NX 5500E Wing Express WLAN Manager or CONTACT a VantageID wireless specialist to learn more about which WLAN application fits your needs.

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 NX 5500E Express WiNG Express WLAN Manager

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