Extreme Networks Zebra VX 9000E Virtual Extreme WiNG Express Manager

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Extreme Networks Zebra VX 9000E Virtual Extreme WiNG Express Manager


Whether you are running your enterprise from the cloud to ensure business continuity or whether you are leveraging the cloud to set-up shop literally anywhere and everywhere, Extreme Networks’ VX 9000E Extreme WiNG Express Manager is a virtual software appliance that is no stranger to cloud infrastructures such as Hypervisor, Amazon EC2 and many more. With VX 9000E you get the same award-winning Extreme WiNG 5 architecture and multi-site, enterprise-class WLAN management platform offered by Zebra’s NX 5500E and 7510E network controllers, but with virtual access without compromising performance or scaleability.

  • Cloud connectivity and management capabilities makes it easy to set up any site in just a few simple steps.
  • Built-in intuitive auto-provisioning policy supports trouble-free, multi-site deployment.
  • State-of-the-art user interface allows administrators to set up, maintain, and oversee the network effortlessly.
  • Built-in analytics display information on every aspect of the WLAN on easy-to read screens.
  • Includes 64 pre-installed WiNG Express access point licenses for immediate operation from setup.
  • Supports up to 1,024 access points.

Please scroll down for additional information about Extreme Networks’ VX 9000E Wing Express WLAN Manager or CONTACT a VantageID wireless specialist to learn more about which WLAN application fits your needs.

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 VX 9000E Extreme WiNG Express Manager