Extreme Networks Zebra AP 7522E WiNG Express Access Point

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Extreme Networks Zebra AP 7522E WiNG Express Access Point


Dependability, high-performance, and flexibility — all in a decor-friendly, aesthetically sleek design — are delivered by Extreme Networks’ AP 7522E access point with Extreme WiNG Express by combining 802.11ac speed with 2X2 MIMO.  Available in both an internal antenna configuration for areas where decor is key or an external antenna model where covering a particular space is a challenge, the AP 7522E’s  dual radios will provide exceptional coverage and maximum throughput, using fewer access points.

  • Economical price point.
  • Greater access — fewer access points.
  • Powerful, secure, and easy to install and maintain.
  • Two spatial streams plus 256 QAM modulation.
  • Easy to upgrade to 802.11ac while supporting 802.11n legacy devices.
  • Options include Power-over-Ethernet (POE) radio share and off-channel scan to provide unmatched flexibility.
  • Performs double-duty as both an access point and a sensor.
  • Install up to 25 AP 7522E access points without the cost of a dedicated network management controller.
  • Can be managed by Extreme Networks’ WiNG Express Manager for scaleability up to 1,024 access points.

Please scroll down for additional information about Extreme Networks’ AP 7522E Wing Express WLAN Manager or CONTACT a VantageID wireless specialist to learn more about which WLAN application fits your needs.

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AP 7522E WiNG Express Access Point

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