Extreme Networks Zebra NX 6500 Extreme WiNG Enterprise WLAN Manager

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Extreme Networks Zebra NX 6500 Extreme WiNG Enterprise WLAN Manager


Extreme Networks’ NX 6500 all-in-one, wired and wireless network controller can efficiently and cost-effectively manage your wireless networking, telephony services, and mobile applications from a single remote location, while also serving as a platform for third-party virtual machines (VM). The NX 6500 includes a router, firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), AAA Radius server for user authentication, as well as a DHCP/DNS service for always-on trusted and reliable network performance. Say goodbye to the acquisition and maintenance costs of having to use multiple networking appliances for multiple services!

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency.
  • Runs telephony services and supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.
  • Ready for upgrades to next-generation capabilities.
  • Gap-free security that meets mandated industry standards like HIPAA for the healthcare field and PCI in retail. Includes:
    • A wired/wireless firewall
    • Built-in wireless intrusion protection system (IPS)
    • Integrated IPSec VPN gateway
    • AAA Radius Server
    • Secure guest access with a captive web portal.
    • MAC-based authentication
    • 802.11w to secure management frames
    • NAC support, anomaly analysis, and advanced security services such as role-based firewall and rogue termination.

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NX 6500 Extreme WiNG Enterprise WLAN Manager

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