CODESOFT 2015 includes all LABELVIEW 2015 features, as well as full Windows 10 compatibility. Its improved PortWatch functionality allows end users to print labels for an undetermined quantity of weighed items, reducing label stock and time. The enhanced GridField feature now allows end users to add multiple database records to one label, increasing flexibility for creating forms and documents such as packing slips, bills of materials or product receipts.

Perfect to help tackle GHS and UDI compliance labeling requirements.


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RFID and barcode labeling software.

Codesoft 2015 – Electronic Delivery

Teklynx High Complexity

Companies who use CODESOFT typically have:

  • Over 10 printers
  • Significant number of users
  • Multiple production lines and locations
  • Third-party suppliers who print their labels
  • Lean manufacturing initiatives
  • Compliance regulations
  • Business system integration
  • Color labeling requirements