Zebra Symbol DS3578-ER Barcode Scanner

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Zebra Symbol DS3578-ER Barcode Scanner


With integrated Bluetooth, the DS3578-ER is a rugged, cordless, high-performance, omni-directional, digital scanner that has been engineered by Zebra to incorporate breakthrough digital imaging technology for use in the harshest, fast-paced industrial environments. The ability to capture 1D and 2D barcodes as well as direct part marks with a single device eliminates the need to purchase, manage and maintain multiple devices to accommodate multiple bar code symbologies in the enterprise.

Features: (may vary depending on DS3500 Series model)

  • Built for industrial environments
  • Government grade security
  • Extremely fast and accurate capture and transfer of images with IUID.
  • Read barcodes in darkness or in bright sunlight.
  • Built for indoors and outdoors, you can drop the scanner on concrete, cover it in dust or grease and continuously obtain the same reliable results.

Industries: Manufacturing • Warehouse management • Transportation
Uses: Capture photos • Omni-directional scanning

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Zebra DS3578-ER Barcode Scanner

Integrated Bluetooth provides cordless freedom, improving productivity. Three models are available:

  • DS3578-SR: 1D/2D barcodes
  • DS3578-HD: 1D/2D barcodes; optimized to capture very small, high-density 2D barcodes
  • DS3578-DP: 1D/2D barcodes; DPM marks; IUID support.