Zebra MC3190-Z RFID Reader

Zebra MC3190-Z RFID Reader


The MC3190-Z represents another RFID first from Zebra — the first business-class handheld RFID reader designed specifically to extend RFID beyond industrial spaces and into customer facing and business environments.

Despite it’s rugged design, the MC3190-Z adds the ergonomics required for all day comfort and ease of use. At just half the weight of its industrial counterparts, the MC3190-Z is the lightest UHF RFID rugged handheld reader on the market.  But it’s no lightweight!  The MC3190-Z is a high performance industrial handheld with an advanced, high efficiency RFID reader engine for faster read rates and higher throughput. Add a groundbreaking new orientation-insensitive antenna and the result is a highly versatile device that is at home in customer-facing environments, from retail stores and healthcare facilities to the office.

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MC3190 Spec Sheet

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  • Business-class RFID handheld for global deployments
    Supports regions based on European RFID frequencies (ETSI EN 302-208) and US RFID frequencies
  • Zebra RFID reader engine
    Delivers advanced, high efficiency read performance for faster read rates and higher throughput
  • Zebra’s patented omnidirectional MAX RFID Antenna
    Orientation insensitive design eliminates the need to align reader and tag for faster and more accurate reads
  • Pinpoint locating technology
    A unique combination of intuitive audible and visual cues easily guides workers to a specific item
  • Proven platform
    Built on the proven, widely adopted MC3100 platform
  • Easy-to-use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
    Rapid and cost-effective application development
  • Zebra MAX Secure:
    FIPS 140-2 certification and support for the most advanced encryption and authentication algorithms as well as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enables compliance with the most stringent industry security regulations, including sensitive government applications
  • Zebra MAX Rugged: meets and exceeds MILSTD 810F standards for drop, tumble and sealing
    Built for all day enterprise use; provides dependable operation despite the inevitable drops and spills; provides extended lifecycle; withstands wipe downs
  • Zebra MAX Data Capture
    Offers exceptional RFID and bar code scanning functionality in a single device; eliminates the need to purchase two devices, reducing capital and operational costs


Sales Floor; POS; backroom

  • Inventory/cycle counting
  • Automatic replenishment
  • Receiving/shrink control
  • Item finding

Business offices/carpeted spaces

  • Asset/IT management
  • File and document tracking
  • Item finding

Hospitals; clinics

  • Asset management (for high value critical assets)
  • Patient tracking
  • Item finding

(environmentally controlled) Production line; warehouse aisles and loading docks

  • Work in Process (WIP)
  • Receiving/shipping

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Weight 2 lbs