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The Value of Using Color in PrintVantage ID can help you lower overall costs by optimizing your use of color labeling.

Commonly used for product labels, brand identification, and logos, color can also be used as visual cues for sorting, or to highlight important info such as a warning.

Color Inkjet Printers

Color inkjet printers allow you to make brilliant, colorful labels for your products, boxes, and packaging on-demand. Newer technologies provide longer-lasting images, eliminating an old limitation of color printing. We offer a range of color printers and consumables to print durable, cost-effective full color labels.

Pre-printed Pre-colored Labels

Depending on the application, volume, and other factors, pre-printed or pre-colored labels might be a better option. You’ll save expensive color ink by using your thermal printer to print variable data on a pre-printed or pre-colored label. For example, we can add pre printed text, graphics, logos, and UL marks with PMS matching capabilities to custom sizes and shapes. Full flood-coated color, laminating, and front and backside printing are other options.

Color Thermal Printing

Color printing with thermal printers is an option, but with limitations. That’s because most thermal printers only have one printhead, meaning they can only print one color at a time. You can run the label through a second time for a different color, but aligning the print can be challenging. There are a few printers available with two print heads that can print two colors at the same time. These dual printhead printers can be ideal for printing the red warning images for GHS labels.

On-demand Zebra Color

IQ Color is a new technology, offering flexibility over floodcoated and pre-printed labels. It allows you to print color on-demand, using your existing Zebra printer, without swapping ribbon colors. The most common use case is to reduce sorting times and mis-sorts for manufacturing and transportation and logistics. You’ll pre-define each section of label that might image in a different color, and can use up to 9 different colors. The color sections are invisible until they’re activated by your Zebra printer.

Color labeling is a growing trend to overcome life sciences, transportation and logistics, and other industries’ challenges. Let the labeling specialists at Vantage ID optimize your use of color to reduce your costs.