Mobile Powered Carts

It’s easy to reduce labor costs and errors when you stop walking back and forth unnecessarily. Newcastle rugged carts give you the reliable power to take your hardware station exactly where and when you need it.

Speed up processes and perform your task anywhere, no matter how heavy duty your hardware or battery requirements are.

We offer many options, including industrial carts built to support the high volume and multiple shifts common in manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution centers. Take a look at this extensive product overview to learn more.

ROI in 4-6 months. 75% in overtime reduction. 63% increase in receiving volume. Label errors reduced by 90%. $7,500+ lower costs per operator. 30% increase in picking rates.

Contact Vantage ID to help you roll out greater productivity.

Mobile Workplace and Portable Power Systems Product Overview - Newcastle Systems and VantageID

Mobile Workplace and Portable Power Systems [PDF]

Learn more about how mobile workplaces and portable power systems can benefit your operations with: increased productivity, improved processes, and more!

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