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Flawless fulfillment and increased operational efficiencies throughout your enterprise are dependent on your ability to connect your employees in your warehouses and distribution centers through access to integrated voice and data information across devices on your network. Start, route, and escalate information in-real-time to set your workforce up for success



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You want your managers out on the floor where they can be most effective in keeping operations running smoothly.  Mobile access to the workforce and critical business systems will enable them to resolve issues immediately and address potentials bottlenecks before they manifest themselves.

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Your workers can use the device they use on the job, even in noisy manufacturing and warehousing environments, to communicate clearly and reliably with each other and interface with important business applications. Real-time, accurate communication through mobile and wearable computers enables your team members to respond to changing conditions immediately and make informed, crucial decisions to avoid potential downtime and lost business.

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  • Minimize infrastructure expenses by leveraging your existing systems
  • Replace disruptive overhead paging with targeted, person-to-person communications
  • Increase productivity
  • Cost effective enterprise-wide communications
  • Optimize workforce management
  • Enhance task interleaving


Solutions are entirely dependent on our customers’ requirements. Each solution is comprised of state-of-the-art product components, including hardware and accessories, software, and supplies that can meet the demands of your manufacturing facility environment. Following are samples of the various components that could be combined to fulfill the requirements of your enterprise:


Zebra TC70 mfg imageHandheld Computers


The TC70 Touch Computer by Zebra is an enterprise-class, handheld computer that seamlessly serves to communicate and access information for a more efficient workflow and optimum customer service.

Zebra Wearable Computers ImageWearable Computers

Head, Arm, and Finger Wearables

Rugged wearable computers that are lightweight and engineered with leading-edge technologies for reliable and accurate data capture and voice applications.

See our selection of Zebra Mobile Computers


Zebra Workforce Connect ImageWorkforce Connect

Workforce Connect is modular and customizable, delivering a truly unified enterprise device experience.

  • Adds powerful voice and messaging features to Zebra mobile computers
  • Offers push-to-talk, text messaging and the ability to function as a mobile PBX desk phone.
  • Deploy the features you need today, add features as needed, and customize the experience to the needs of your workers.


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