Zebra Slider Transportations

Keep communications open with your drivers anytime and anywhere, be proactive in responding to customer demands and complying with changing regulatory requirements, and enhance the management and maintenance of your fleet assets, all while maximizing the safety of your people and cargo.

WAREHOUSE & FIELD SOLUTIONSZebra Field Mobility Solutions

Lower your transactional costs while doing more to meet the needs and wants of you customers by creating economies of scale throughout your organization. Zebra warehouse and field solutions are designed to help you build deeper customer loyalty, maximize upsell opportunities, and generate growth.

YARD MANAGEMENTZebra yard management image2

Crystal clear visibility into the trailers that arrive and depart the yard, from knowing what cargo is in each trailer to the urgency of each load, can help you optimize your yard operations.  Reduce wait times and improve turnaround times through increased, real-time visibility.