We get it. Most folks aren’t barcode geeks like us. It’s hard to see the savings hiding in your printers, unless you work with an Advanced Supplies Specialist* like Vantage ID.

In this 1 pager, you’ll see the impact of poor print quality – to your productivity, customer satisfaction, compliance, and bottom line.

That’s why Vantage ID optimizes your consumables, printer settings, and printhead management for exactly the performance you need.

We like how Zebra makes replacing printheads a non-issue, especially when printheads can cost up to $800 or more, each!

Zebra offers free printheads when you use all Zebra supplies in Zebra printers. Smart, right?

So take a look, pass it around, and reach out to us. We’ll have fun counting the savings with you!

*Yup, Zebra didn’t really think that title-acronym through. Or did they…

Cost of not being able to scan barcode

Improving barcode scan rates