Like businesses in every sector of the economy, many hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and other healthcare providers are actively looking for ways to increase the diversity of their supplier relationships. Those in California may pursue this goal in response to The Hospital Supplier Diversity Act (Assembly Bill 962), which encourages the State’s major healthcare providers to work with a diverse range of suppliers and create business opportunities for everyone in California. Hospitals and healthcare providers in other areas of the United States are making efforts to work with minority-, women-, LGBT-, and veteran-owned businesses simply because they believe it’s the ethical thing to do.


But even business leaders who are determined to build diversity into their supplier networks sometimes need help identifying qualifying businesses that can help them meet specific business objectives.


Vantage ID can help.


One common objective of every hospital and healthcare business is positive patient identification (PPID). And Vantage ID is a women-owned, minority-owned business specializing in solutions for the healthcare industry, including positive patient identification systems and supplies. So, working with Vantage ID can help any healthcare organization implement a highly effective PPID solution while simultaneously diversifying its supplier base.


We offer a full range of patient identification solutions from Zebra Technologies.


Zebra’s PPID solutions allow you to access and confirm patient information throughout the entire care journey, from admission to discharge. Zebra can help you minimize errors and protect patient rights with wristband printers, mobile computers, barcode scanners, and wristbands engineered specifically for healthcare applications.


Wristband Printers: Zebra’s wristband printing solutions include the compact, easy-to-use ZD510HC. This highly reliable direct-thermal printer uses easy-to-load cartridges containing Zebra’s Z-Band® wristbands, the only antimicrobial-coated wristbands on the market.


Mobile Computers: Zebra’s lineup of handheld mobile computers, rugged tablets and mobile printers allow nurses and other caregivers to scan wristbands to confirm patient identities right at the point of care—an essential step in positive patient identification.


Barcode Scanners: Vantage ID and Zebra offer a full range of fixed-mount and handheld barcode scanners that streamline data capture in every hospital area, delivering ultra-reliable, first-time, every-time scans everywhere from patient admissions to the lab and pharmacy.


Wristbands: Zebra offers a complete range of thermal and laser printer wristbands. Outside laboratory tests have confirmed that Zebra wristbands withstand a more comprehensive range of hand sanitizers when compared to a leading competitor, ensuring consistent scanning and reducing the need for nurse workarounds.


Any hiccup in the patient identification system—from printers that frequently jam to wristbands that won’t scan consistently—can impact hospitals’ ability to provide effective patient care. So, it’s no surprise that most hospitals choose Zebra thermal or laser wristbands.


No matter what type of patient or hospital workflow you need to support—from the general patient population and outpatient services to labor-and-delivery or neo-natal services–Vantage ID and Zebra will ensure you have all the tools and supplies you need. And, as a women-owned, minority-owned business, Vantage ID can deliver those supplies while helping you build a diverse supplier network to benefit your business and your community.


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