One of the biggest challenges every business faces today is keeping technology up to date. While the costs to upgrade printers, mobile computers and other hardware may be necessities of doing business, they can be hard to stomach if you’re upgrading devices just to keep operations going at the same level. And it’s an especially difficult pill to swallow if your current devices have only been in service for a relatively short time.


The desire to see our customers get maximum value out of their technology investments is a primary reason we at Vantage ID are quick to recommend Zebra mobile computers, printers, rugged tablets, barcode scanners and other hardware. We know from experience that Zebra offers two intrinsic return-on-investment (ROI) advantages.


First, Zebra devices are built for enterprise applications. They’re engineered to perform in challenging environments that test the durability of technology. So, whether you need tools for a demanding warehouse, the manufacturing line, a crowded retail sales floor, or a busy hospital, Zebra’s devices can take the daily pounding and perform 24/7, shift after shift.


Second, unlike lesser devices, Zebra builds a long product lifespan into products across their entire portfolio. Instead of the “planned obsolescence” that’s so typical of consumer-level devices, Zebra commits to products that will be supported in the market for many years. It’s not at all uncommon to come across Zebra printers or handheld computers that have been working on the front line for the better part of a decade.


Of course, getting great ROI out of technology like a barcode scanner, mobile printer or a rugged tablet is even easier if you can acquire the best product for lower up-front cost to begin with. And that’s exactly what the GO Zebra Trade-In Program offers.


With GO Zebra, you earn rebates worth up to $500 per device when you purchase innovative, new Zebra products. It’s really simple: Just purchase a qualifying Zebra product and trade-in your old, outdated hardware to get your rebate.


GO Zebra offers an extra advantage because it allows you to trade-in old devices, no matter who manufactured them. Let’s repeat that just to be clear: No matter who made it, you can trade it in for savings with GO Zebra.


This is a huge benefit for businesses of every size. In fact, everyone from small businesses to large enterprises have been earning rebates through GO Zebra for years, trading in other manufacturers outdated, underperforming devices to get savings on Zebra’s industry-leading mobile computers, rugged tablets, industrial printers, RFID solutions and barcode scanners.


So, if you’re staring down the barrel of another costly, unwelcome hardware upgrade cycle, give Vantage ID a call first. Let us show you how the GO Zebra Trade-In Program can make it more affordable than ever to break the, cycle of frequent upgrades with long-lasting solutions from Zebra Technology. We’ll review your existing hardware lineup and let you know exactly how much you can save when you trade-in outdated and trade-up to innovation. See it all. Track it all. With Vantage ID, your WBENC and NMSDC certified Diverse Supplier contact us at