It’s good to have options. That’s why we offer multiple brands of desktop and industrial thermal barcoding printers.

Sato is an 80 year old global printer manufacturer headquartered in Japan. Their West Coast manufacturer rep, Cameron Norred, used to work for us. So, we have great built-in support!

Click the doc below for more about our favorite 3 Sato printers.

Vantage ID's Favorite SATO Printers

Vantage ID’s Favorite SATO Printers (PDF)

And, here’s 7 reasons why we particularly like their compact, feature packed, CT4-LX desktop printer.

  1. Compact
    The small size offers 20% smaller frame than other desktop printers and easily on a cart, in small spaces, in the warehouse, lab, or personal desk. It weighs just 7.5 lbs, 7” wide, under 8.5” tall.
  2. Easy-Peasy
    Full color, glove-friendly, 4.3” touch screen display also offers on-board educational videos.
  3. Versatile
    Use cases include quality control, food safety, and other manufacturing labels, shipping labels or packing slips in transportation and logistics, shelf edge labels and return processing needs in retail, prescription labels and wristbands in healthcare…and more. Media options include paper, synthetic, wristband, RFID.
  4. Quick Swap “Autoclone”
    Switch print jobs and swap out different media quickly by saving 5 different media profiles right on the printer with a clickable icon. Users can also save printer configurations on a USB stick to share with other printers or to restore settings.
  5. Less downtime
    • Printhead and platen roller replacements do not require tools. You can replace printheads with one touch, one hand, with a simple cartridge.
    • A clear media window makes it easy to see when media needs to be replaced soon.
    • Ribbon loading is trouble-free with front access, and fan-fold, external unwinder, cutter and dispensers are easier to access.
  6. Less label waste
    Stop throwing away 3-4 labels each time you replace a roll of labels or switch out media types. You can automatically align the first label to the print head.
  7. Organized, secure, connected
    Loaded with the latest WiFi, Bluetooth, and Apple certifications, this printer has security cable for loss prevention, recessed interface ports, and a USB port in the inside cover.

Please reach out to us for more details.