Secret Savings – How you can get rebates for up to $550 for each device by trading in old printers and mobile computers!

Secret #1: All rebates are based on what you purchase… not what you trade-in.

Secret #2: The device just needs to turn on.

Secret #3: Trade in ANY model, ANY brand: Honeywell, Sato, Citizen, Printronix, Datacard, Datalogic, Toshiba, Brady, Epson… Doesn’t matter!

This printer was used in an outdoor Southern California industrial yard. The fact that it still worked in this condition is a testament to the ruggedness of Zebra devices. We walked the facility with them to find efficiencies. In addition to other improvements, the manufacturer upgraded printers using trade-in rebates, and changed to thermal transfer labels for better scan rates in their outdoor environment.

We like how the GoZebra TradeIn program helps make upgrading outdated devices to leading-edge printers, scanners, mobile computers and batteries more affordable. By purchasing one of Zebra’s eligible products and trading in an old unit, you can earn a rebate of $50 to $600. You can save even more when you purchase a Zebra OneCare service contract.

Here are a few examples:

Eligible Products and Services

Mobile Computers

Rebates of up to $250 are available on more than 15 Zebra mobile computers.

Data Capture Devices

Improve performance—and savings—with rebates of as much as $25 on select scanners.


Receive rebates of up to $600 on more than 35 of Zebra’s printers.

Zebra OneCare

Increase your rebate up to $50 when add on Zebra OneCare support.


Customers receive a rebate of $10 for new Zebra batteries when they trade in an old mobile printer battery—including select competitive models.

Of course, some restrictions apply.

Zebra Printer Trade-In Program

How much can you save? Find out: