Do you have old, outdated printers lying around, taking up space, and becoming even more obsolete with each day that passes?

Now you can upgrade to new devices and get a nice rebate for each old barcode printer and mobile computer you recycle. These secret savings with Vantage ID and Zebra can help you upgrade your system for less than you thought possible.

Shhhh, just between us, we can get you rebates of up to $600 for each new device. All you have to do is trade in your old printers and mobile computers!

How Does The Printer Trade-In Program Work?

By purchasing one of Zebra’s eligible products and trading in an old unit, you can earn a rebate of $50 to $600. You can save even more when you purchase a Zebra OneCare service contract.

So what are the “secrets” of this amazing printer trade-in scheme?

  • Secret #1: All rebates are based on what you purchase… not what you trade-in.
  • Secret #2: The device just needs to turn on, it doesn’t need to be in great shape.
  • Secret #3: Trade in ANY model, ANY brand: Honeywell, Sato, Citizen, Printronix, Datacard, Datalogic, Toshiba, Brady, Epson… Doesn’t matter, we’ll take it!

Can I Really Trade-In Any Old Printer?


As long as the device turns on you can trade in your old printer and/or mobile computer! The printer shown above was used in an outdoor Southern California industrial yard. The fact that it still worked in this condition is a testament to the ruggedness of Zebra devices.

We walked the facility with them, searching for inefficiencies. In addition to other improvements, the manufacturer upgraded printers using trade-in rebates and changed to thermal transfer labels for better scan rates in their outdoor environment.

We like how the GoZebra Trade-In program makes it easy to upgrade outdated devices to leading-edge printers, scanners, mobile computers, and batteries. Now you can run your program with the most modern and innovative hardware — affordably!

Here are a few examples:

Eligible Products and Services

Mobile Computers

Rebates of up to $250 are available on more than 15 Zebra mobile computers.

Data Capture Devices

Improve performance — and savings — with rebates of as much as $25 on select scanners.


Receive rebates of up to $600 on more than 35 of Zebra’s printers.

Zebra OneCare

Increase your rebate up to $50 when you add on Zebra OneCare support.


Customers receive a rebate of $10 for new Zebra batteries when they trade in an old mobile printer battery — including select competitive models.

Of course, some restrictions apply, but we’ll help you work through it.

Zebra Printer Trade-In Program

How much can you save on your barcode printers? Three ways to find out:

The bottom line: Zebra Printer’s Trade-in Program has helped countless organizations to dispose of outdated, barely functional machines while obtaining the latest and greatest.

With savings of up to $600, there has never been a better time to talk to a team member about trading in.