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RFID Solutions for Walmart Suppliers

All the tools and support you need to meet Walmart’s expanded RFID requirements.

Walmart is expanding their RFID labeling requirements to new product categories in 2022. Thousands of suppliers of home products, electronics, sporting goods, toys, and automotive batteries must add RFID tags to their products beginning in Q3 of this year.

The new RFID requirements apply to all national, proprietary, supplier, and private brands.

This covers all home products, electronics, sporting goods, toys, and automotive batteries.

Initially, you can add a secondary RFID label to your products.

Eventually, RFID inlays will need to be embedded into product packaging.

This change impacts all Walmart USA Stores.

This includes Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and .com Merchandise.

RFID Label

Key Steps for Affected Suppliers

Submit RFID samples for approval

Suppliers must send sample RFID labels to Auburn University RFID lab for preapproval.

Must-arrive-by date (MABD)

RFID tagged products must arrive at Walmart distribution centers by August 17, 2022.

RFID tags required

Products arriving in stores must have RFID labels/tags by September2, 2022.

Fast-Track Labels from Zebra

Zebra Print & Encode Service

If you’re new to RFID, Walmart’s schedule might not allow you enough time to get up to speed. If that’s the case, Zebra’s RFID Print and Encode Service can deliver encoded labels that you or your distributors can apply to your products to meet the new RFID requirements.

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Complete RFID Solutions

Vantage ID and Zebra can supply you with all the labels, printers, readers, and expert guidance you need to incorporate RFID solutions into your operations.

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RFID Labels and Supplies

Zebra’s offers a complete election of RFID labels with inlays that meet Walmart specifications.

RFID Printer

RFID Printers

Zebra’s lineup of RFID-enabled printers make it easy to print RFID labels for any application.

RFID Scanner

Handheld RFID Readers

Zebra offers a complete range of handheld RFID readers and RFID-enabled scanners.

Tunnel conveyer

RFID Infrastructure

Zebra fixed RFID readers, integrated portals, and antennas deliver maximum asset visibility throughout your enterprise.

Get the Expert Support You Need

Walmart’s expanded RFID requirements are forcing thousands of suppliers to evaluate short- and long-term RFID solutions. Vantage ID has the RFID experience and expertise needed to help you meet Walmart’s aggressive schedule and develop a plan that leverages all the benefits of RFID.

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