The right printing and labeling operation protects you against unplanned disruptions, keeping you moving full speed ahead.

When it comes to labels, freezers, humid warehouses, and dry storage conditions can turn a printed label into a runny mess.

That’s why we offer labeling solutions to give you a scannability performance edge, while ensuring labels stay in place. The result is minimized reprinting and maximized printer uptime.

Zebra Barcodes Create Specialized Labels For Your Environment

Zebra excels at providing labels that work in cold, freezing, or moisture-filled environments — like those in food and beverage distribution. Maybe because their R&D folks are in Chicago? Brrr.

We appreciate how all Zebra supplies are engineered and tested to work with Zebra hardware for specific applications. It makes our job as Advanced Supplies Specialists that much easier!

When you choose Zebra, count on the following:

  • Reliable Scannability – Zebra labels use a special varnish that provides superior print quality and durability. This helps increase accuracy and provides better scan rates.
  • Durable Adhesive – Sticking, and staying stuck, in cold environments is a challenge for most labels. Zebra’s labels were developed to bond reliably, no matter the temperature.
  • Maximum Printer Uptime – Preventing printhead failures is a challenge, especially in harsh environments. Zebra’s inks won’t transfer to the printhead, effectively preventing a common cause of failure. Further, the specially designed adhesive won’t run into the printer or onto the printhead, eliminating another common cause of jams and printhead issues.
  • Zebra Printers + Zebra Certified Supplies – By using Zebra media and printers together, you’ll enjoy the reliability and performance of a thoroughly tested system. In fact, Zebra supplies all go through a grueling 23-point test process.

Customized Solutions for Your Environment

Meeting the demands of your environment can be a challenge. That’s why Zebra offers direct thermal materials and adhesives that can be combined to perform under any conditions.

Whether you need specialized polypropylene labels to withstand humid or wet environments or freezer grade adhesives, Zebra has you covered!

Reusable Magnetic Tags

Identification doesn’t always have to be permanent. And with Zebra’s thermal transfer 8000T Magnetic Tag you can temporarily track magnetic surfaces and use them over, and over, and over…

Programs That Improve Your Bottom Line

In addition to our superior service standards, we offer multiple programs designed to save you time and money:

We store inventory for you to expedite just-in-time delivery.

Zebra offers several inventory management programs, enabling you to leverage your volume to obtain competitive pricing, while reducing your inventory carrying costs.

Cross Printhead Replacement off of your expense list.

When you purchase Zebra Certified Supplies, you receive free printheads for your Zebra industrial and desktop printers.

Food and Beverage Distribution Labels

The Right Materials Make a Difference

Download our 1-pager which highlights just some of the ways Zebra understands and solves labeling challenges in food and beverage distribution.

Call or email us today to schedule a free walk-through. We don’t mind putting on a parka while we find ways to save time and money in your warehouse.