Zebra recently awarded Vantage ID with the Advanced RFID Specialist Certification. We’re pretty proud of our new badge, and what it means to you.

It was no small feat! To earn it, Vantage ID needed to show RFID experience and dedication, with multiple deployments and sales benchmarks. Our sales and technical team members invested hours and hours into Zebra’s RFID educational requirements and passed some pretty grueling tests.

But, we’re most excited because we get to share the benefits with you. You’ll get access to the best pricing tiers, advanced technical resources, and premium products like fixed-mount readers.

With this latest achievement, Vantage ID adds another stripe to our top-notch mix of industry certifications and rankings. We’ve been an Advanced Supplies Specialist, Certified Repair Specialist, and Premier Partner for a very long time. With over 10,000 global Zebra partners, this must put in the top 1%!

Stay tuned… The latest rumor is that Zebra will be launching an Advanced Government Specialist program, and we’re at the top of the list.

Certificate of Authorization 2020

Certificate of authorization

Zebra Premier Business Partner Badge

Advanced RFID badge